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Goyal Electricals And Electronics


Our firm, M/s Goyal Electrical and Electronics was established in 2007 as a sole proprietorship entity and it is the prominent manufacturer, wholesaler & retailer of Electrical & Electronic Products. All our products bear standard quality parameters which are high in performances, having long service life, flawless finish with accurate dimensions and which are made from high grade materials of supreme quality, are compatible and reasonably priced. The products offered by the firm are truly a class apart owing to its stringently pre-checked quality, workmanship, accuracy, fine finish and premium packaging. For maintenance of regular quality of the products the firm is very particular in procuring the products from reputed manufacturers and traders who have never failed in business dealings. In this effort, we continually undertake market research to locate the reputed and reliable manufacturers across the nation. We assess the quality of our vendors on various parameters such as upholding quality policies, having sound financial status, dependability, manufacturing capacity, past background in client service and capacity to meet the bulk orders. Our firm has employed a team of technical and experienced professionals to take care of quality control by testing of all parameters for its flawless performances before being offered to the customers. Other deft personnel take care of neat and safe packaging. The sales and marketing personnel ensure large and repeat requirements of new and old clientele. After-sales-support is also provided by the firm and duly recognised appreciably by the clients. Our team of personnel works in close coordination with each other in order to withstand market competition successfully. In our effort to attain the highest level of client satisfaction, we remain committed to delivery of our products as per the time schedule. The owner, Mr. Amit Jain is technically qualified electrical engineer and has the potential of managing the commercial business affairs quite ably. With his untiring efforts and with the quality of products offered, the firm has been able to gain good reputation in market.

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Light INR 0 INR 0 Prominent & Leading Importer and Supplier from Delhi, we offer Lamps such as Metal Halide Bulb, Mercury Bulb, Electric Lamp, Tubular Bulb, Sodium Bulb, MV Lamp and many more items. 3 Watt without Warranty LED Panel Light 12 Watt without Warranty LED Panel Light Round 15 Watt Led Panel Ligth Round Without Warranty 6 Watt with Warranty LED Panel Light 6 Watt Led Panel Light Square Without Warranty 100 Watt LED IP 65 Metal-Halide Lamp 150 Watt 1000 Watt MH Lamp 120 Watt LED Light IP 65 50 Watt LED Light 400 Watt MH Lamp 400 Watt Sodium Lamp 9 Watt without Warranty LED Panel Light IP65 400 Watt MH Light True 1510046900
CABLE GLAND INR 0 INR 0 Prominent & Leading Importer and Supplier from Delhi, we offer Electrical Glands such as CBW Gland, Cable Gland, Brass Gland, Brass Cable Gland, Double Compression Gland, Ciw Gland and many more items. Brass 25MM Double Compression Gland-HMI Double Compression Gland Kapson 50 mm HMI 25M(1") Single Comperssion Kapson Gland 28mm Single Compression Cable Gland CIW01 Brass 35MM Double Compression Gland-HMI CBW01 Gland Comet Gland CBWO2 HMI W01SS Gland Double Compression Kapson Gland 1" Double Compession Kapson Gland 1" Single Compression Kapson Gland 35mm Double Compession PVC 35 mm Shrouds PVC Gland Shrouds 20mm Single Compression Gland HMI 57MM True 1510046078
Electrical Chokes
Electrical Chokes INR 0 INR 0 Leading Importer and Supplier from Delhi, our product range includes Chokes such as Electronic Choke, Electric Ballast, Double Choke, 40 Watt Choke, Florescent Tube Choke, Metal Halide Choke and many more items. Electric Ballast 40 Watt Electronic Choke 40 Watt Copper Choke MH Choke 1000 Watt Sodium Choke 400 Watt MH Ballast 150 watt Electronic Ballasts True 1510046804
Electrical Fuse
Electrical Fuse INR 0 INR 0 We offer an excellent range of Electric Fuse which offer an excellent level of performance without any kind of flaws. The product is tested for its quality and there are a variety of quality tested conducted on it to ensure that the product is in adherence to the standards of the industry. The product is safe to use and it has a very safe operation, the product has been made keeping in mind the accuracy and precise methods of manufacture. Fuse Base Suitable For Cylindrical / Din Fuse links 32 Amp DIN Type Fuse Links Type HN Fuse 63 Amp Cylindrical Fuse Links Type HF 40 AMP DIN Type Fuse Links Type HN 125 AMP L&T Cylindrical Fuse Links Type HF 2- 32 Amp Cylindrical Fuse Links Type HF 50 Amp Cylindrical Fuse Links Type HF 63 Amp DIN Type Fuse Links Type HN 100Amp L&T DIN Type Fuse Links Type HN 160 Amp L&T DIN Type Fuse Links Type HN 200 Amp L&T DIN Type Fuse Links Type HN 250 Amp L&T DIN Type Fuse Links Type HN Fuse 80 Amp L&T Fuse Holders (Bakelite) For HRC Fuse Links 250 Amp HRC Bolted Fuse Links Type HG 2-16 Amp Switch Disconnector Fuse True 1510046840
LT-HT POWER CONTROL CABLE INR 0 INR 0 We offer high quality Electrical Cables, which is a long, cylindrically symmetric structure with a dielectric which operates at relatively high electrical stress and this dielectric is covered with a semi-conductive shield, thus forming a cable core on which a metallic ground shield is applied. Aluminum Twin Cables 6sqmm 2 Core Aluminum Wire 4 mm Control Cable 1.5sqmm 2 core copper Armoured Copper Armoured Cable 10 Sq mm 4 Core Copper Armoured Cable 120sqmm 3 core Copper Armoured Cable 16 Sqmm 4 Core Copper Armoured Cable 6 Sqmm 2 Core Copper Armoured Cables 1.5sqmm 3 core Copper Armoured Cables 2.5 Sq Mm 6 Core Copper Armoured Cables 25mm 4 core Copper Armoured Cables 4sqmm 4 core Copper Flexible Cable 1.5Sqmm Double Shielded Cable 1.5mm 2 core FRLS Cable 1.5mm 2 core Finolex Copper Flexible 25 Sqmm Single Core True 1510046042
ALUMINIUM LUG AND COPPER LUG INR 0 INR 0 Creating a niche of Lugs such as Copper Lugs, Cable Lug, Aluminum Terminals, Aluminum Lugs, Copper Terminals, Electrical Lug and many more items at its best, with utmost quality. Copper Ring Type Lug 70mm U Type Lug 2.5mm Copper Lug 185mm Copper Lug 240mm Lug Dowells Copper Pin Type CP-88 Copper Lug 2.5mm Copper Pin Type Lug 16mm Copper Lug Ring Type 35mm Ring Type Lug/Thimble 25mm Aluminium Reducer Lugs 185mm Copper Lugs 150mm Copper Bottle Type lug 120mm Copper Lug 70mm True 1510046517
CABLE TIE OR WINDING STRIPS INR 0 INR 0 We are counted among some of the most distinguished names in the industry engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Cable Tie. The Cable Ties offered by us are highly acclaimed by the clients for their wide area of applications and many other features. Strip Seal 100mm Nylon Cable Tie 6" Black Cable Tie 100mm Black Cable Tie 200mm Cable Tag Tie Cable Tie 300mm x4.8 KSS Cable Tie 300mm Cable Ties 250mm Cable Tie 100 x 2.5 mm KSS 150 mm Cable Tie 6" 200 MM Cable Tie Cable Tie 300 mm 12 Inch 350 mm Cable Tie 14" 400 mm Cable Tie 16" Stainless Steel Cable Ties 4.6mm width x 100mm True 1510045973
Cable Tray
Cable Tray INR 0 INR 0 We are a leading company involved in offering an extensive range of Cable Tray. These arrays are developed from pre-galvanized sheets having high capacity, and well suited for varied applications. These are widely demanded in various industries and can be customized as per client specifications. These are market proven cost-effective. Cable Tray 350 Mm Cable Tray 200 mm Cable Tray 150 mm Cable Tray 300 mm Cable Tray 250 mm Cable Tray 100 Mm Cable Tray 50 mm True 1510046866
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